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By Jason Sundram

Concerto in E-flat for 2 Clarinets, opus 35

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Franz Krommer (November 27, 1759–January 8, 1831)

  1. Allegro
  2. Adagio
  3. Rondo

The Moravian Franz Krommer was born in Kamenitz on November 27, 1759. His baptismal name was Frantisek KramÓrz, which means shopkeeper. A violinist, conductor, and composer, Krommer received his entire musical training from his uncle, an organist and composer. From 1875, Krommer traveled away from the land of his birth, finally settling in Vienna in 1794. Krommer was deeply influenced and inspired by his contemporaries, Mozart and Haydn. His compositions reflect his debt to these composers, yet they are fresh and inventive. His oeuvre includes over 150 compositions, including numerous quartets, quintets, symphonies, concertos, instructive pieces and church music. He is particularly remembered for his solo concertos for wind instruments, of which the Concerto in E-flat for 2 Clarinets is one of the best known.